Communicating historical research with the public is an important part of my job. I welcome press inquiries on the history (and how it connects to the present) of the following topics:

  • Legal History
    • Intellectual Property, especially Trade Secrecy
    • Industrial Espionage
  • History of Science/Technology
    • Scientific espionage in the 20th century
    • Occupation of Germany
    • Science and Diplomacy
  • Business History
    • Technology Transfer

Examples of Popular Press 

Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Distillations podcast, “Stealing Industry Secrets: Not as Easy as You Think.” Online at: Taped July 28, 2015.

Creator, HistoriCal Outreach podcast ( – This podcast interviews late-stage UC Berkeley History PhD candidates about their dissertations, with the aim of making cutting-edge historical research accessible and engaging for the broader public. Now managed as a permanent institution by the History Graduate Association.

Science, Spies and History blog (
-Example post: “Grant-Writing in Graduate School”

“Learning to Code, Learning to Collaborate.” Guest post at Berkeley Digital Humanities blog (9 July 2015):