Sample syllabi:

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History of Espionage in the 20th Century undergraduate, lower-division, lecture course
PDF Link Digital History graduate, reading seminar
PDF Link History of Science since Newton undergraduate, lower-division, lecture course
PDF Link Science, Technology, and National Security in the Cold War undergraduate, upper-division, reading seminar


Teaching Experience

HIST 103

Peoples of the United States undergraduate, lower-division lecture
HIST 105 Hanford: An Interdisciplinary, Team-Taught Course undergraduate, freshman seminar
DTC/ENGL 375 Language, Texts, and Technology undergraduate, upper-division writing seminar
HIST 150 Science and National Security in the Cold War undergraduate, upper-division reading seminar

Graduate Student Instructor (led discussion sections, graded, and delivered guest lectures) for:

    • History of Science in the US
    • The Origins of Modern Science
    • Science and Society
    • United States History to 1865

Grader: Health and Disease, Modern Physics: From the Atom to Big Science

Evidence of Effective Teaching

Selected student feedback from lectures

“He effectively made even the dullest parts of his material incredibly fascinating to listen to. When he spoke about science history, particularly Berkeley’s part in the US nuclear weapons program, I was transfixed.”

“Amazing lecture, it left me wanting a semester long course in the history of science in America! Well done.”

“Fascinating and well-paced lecturer. I learned a lot, and…I really appreciated his clarity and enthusiasm. I never would have thought I’d be interested in the subject he lectured on but ended up very satisfied with the class and Wikipedia-ing more information on it when I got back home.”

“His presentation was eye catching, had videos and graphs and images to catch the audience attention. Even more so, it was made visible that he knew what he was talking about because he wasn’t reading all notes off his paper, but instead had a conversation with the audience”

“…his lecture is my favorite so far! … I LOVED the structure of his powerpoints.”

“This was one of my absolute favorite lectures of the entire semester.”

“This guy has given HANDS DOWN the most fun lecture I have heard at Berkeley.”

“To be completely honest, I think that Doug was absolutely astounding. So far, he has been the Best guest lecturer in the course. I would go as far to say that he is the best guest lecturer I have ever had in my undergraduate course work. After his lecture on Friday, it made me disappointed in myself that I did not take his 103 this semester. If I would have known what a phenomenal job he does, I would have signed up for his class in a heart beat. He made a huge impact on the way I received the information he gave us. He was very good with his information, his fluidity was amazing, and the information he gave us was absolutely interesting. I hope that I get to learn from him sometime in the future, and if not, read one of the books that he’ll write. I loved hearing his lectures. LOVED IT. ”

Select student feedback from discussion sections

“Safe discussion environment! … felt very comfortable sharing opinions, even unpopular ones … good community”

“Good mentor to younger students”

“I like his approach of open discussion. Mostly student-ran, he becomes a guide rather than instituting ideas.”

“He…mainly opened it up for pure student discussion and would only intervene if needed, or to start a new topic. I thought that was effective and helpful → critical thinking.”

“…a very good balance between guidance & free discussion. He seemed very knowledgeable & passionate about the topic & was very adept at explaining concepts we had questions about in a very understandable and concise manner.”

“Encouraged and provoked thoughtful discussion about a wide variety of topics”

“Very helpful. He is very good about sharing his experience with research and writing…also very skilled at lecture, and running a class.”

“He knew how to make clear what he expected of students and what we needed to do to succeed.”

“…was extremely efficiently run. Doug offered great insight and regularly advised students.”

“…was very organized and knew exactly how to run the sections. Sometimes he experimented with other formats, then asked for our feedback. He was willing to answer question and tried to create an environment where people would be encouraged to speak up.”

“He was a great teacher and very interesting keeping us engaged in the material…I am going to miss being in his class.”

“Doug was very efficient at starting discussions and keeping them on track without taking them over and letting his ideas dominate. The lecture review…in which he made us help each other was also very useful”

“…this was the only class I enjoyed, and I owe part of that to Doug. He did a good job of engaging everyone in class discussions.”

“Very effective, organized, thorough…very clear…helpful with guidance for paper writing…clear grading and good comments to help improvements on future assignments”